The Magic Conch

The Magic Conch is a podcast where we talk about…nothing. We ramble about the highs and lows of dating, how to navigate bar life, and whatever else comes to mind. Check out our latest episodes below! Subscribe to The Magic Conch on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, SoundCloud, and wherever else you may listen to podcasts. We’re not on your favorite platform? Let us know and we’ll get on there!

The Magic Conch Podcast Episodes



Special Report: Coronavirus



SpongeBob and Patrick Disgusted



spongebob breakups

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

spongebob weight loss and weight gain


spongebob dating

Bars versus Clubs

spongebob bars versus clubs

The Quest for the Conch

spongebob the quest for the conch

Don’t Tell Momz: The Magic Conch B.C.

Caveman SpongeBob and Patrick

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